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Solo traveling can seem daunting for first time or even experienced solo travelers. All that said, some places are more ideal than others.

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Friend - where do we go from here?

Hi Kristin- So any advise for a 56 year-old woman who is thinking of traveling in Asia solo? Hotels travelers are raving about But actually, when i read your blog, it gives me courage to do.

Because I get this question so much I wrote an ebook that handles every bit of planning and having an awesome trip. I tend to research as I go.

Koh Rong is a better bet at that time of year. Your blog was not only an inspiration for me but it gave me the confidence that I could do this! Hi Phoebe, Enjoy every moment.

What sort of general advice would you give us Kristin? Glad you found it helpful! Fort Lauderdale singles

Everybody seems to be busy at around March. But I don't wanna waste my holidays for them so I'm really keen to travel, may it be alone!

Now, I'm a bit confused, whether it will be a good idea or a bad to travel to KL alone. I also have never traveled alone before. So please tell me:. Also is that just for spending or is that for hotels and getting about?

Remember that many do manage to have a great holiday very cheaply if they live in hostels, uses bus transport, get their food from local street vendors, drink water with not much shopping or sightseeing, but you have to be very realistic about what you want and plan to do; and what you can actually afford to spend whilst there.

So, yes, you can live pretty cheaply, but it depends on your style, and it is not as cheap for tourists as many believe. This is only a bit of a guide to assist you gauge want from your holiday it is more about living spending money and not does not include hotels, flights, tours etc:. If you can afford myr a day, you will probably be worried about the cost of things and have limited choice on what to see and where to eat.


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