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Homasas: Can you make a video about Asian vs north American dating culture please

ItzMe Onlyme: I loved the video! I would really like to see a version of dating a Romanian guy!

Odinn62: When prince Caspian makes the cut

Lena Gu: I'm a German woman and this is absolutely spot on. Hilarious!

Nandaink :3: His not Russian a true russian would wear Addidas and buy you fast food with vodka

Acc4allVids: Hahahaha this will be weird, but I am brazilian and my best date was with a russian, hahahaha

SoccerPro101: Bless her, she seems a nice person who deserves someone good.

Ivapino: Dont get to close haha! Unless you're a migrant than do whatever you want the police, news, and government will keep it covered.

Flavia Shyti: Well that clears up a lot of things. Thanks for the vid!

James Ward: Well honestly the hottest was the black girl in the magenta dress

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Brendan Kri: Y'all should do a dating a guy from Texas, I see you have put up some California videos. I am a Texan (from rural Texas in California and I can def say its about as different as a foreign country here, Its far more traditional back home.

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Burning Love - Derek Parker & Logan Vaugn - wcica.info - Palm Bay dating


Burning Love Derek Parker Logan Vaugn

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Derek Parker & Logan Vaugn...

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Ela Bozkurt: I'm an English guy in south America and some people love the accent, some people hate it! I think English people are too reserved, but that's partly due to the culture over there.

Ryan Saadat: Usually there are pros and cons in these videos, I'm not seeing any pros in this video.

Tuiyo Raftiy: Sometimes when I'm down and people ask me if I'm fine I say Leave me alone. When they insist I start talking to them, when they leave I just think to myself uugh stay here, dumbass

Iris Valo: It true captures the worst part of most brazilian men's personalities. All this pisses the hell out of me, but I didn't see many qualities, and they have a lot. for example, they're hilarious, their sense of humor is on fleek, they tend to value family and friends a lot, they love to hang out and have fun with their GF/BF and they're extremely caring, affectionate and passionate

Beanbag Betty: Polish people will kill you first, in the comments section for butchering polish language.

IizUname: Nigerian men cheat? Maybe

Ange Lina: You should do one for Cypriot women. although people speak greek here but the dialect is different.

Beboxchips: This is so funny and those people who are getting butthurt from this video need to take a chill pill.


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  1. I believe those women shouldve took legal action so they couldve got this prick behind bars

  2. I was referring to the stereotypical camera cutting bullshit that vbloggers do.

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