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In relationships, what makes some guys react violently so quickly over words?

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Partying Horny Men Suck Stripper Cocks David Bibiano: Most of them are lies ,guys.they never close the door on you for stupid reasons.guys women in russia are hundred of thousands more than men.if they have shitty attitude they even find a man for one night thing for sure they have strange sense of humor.

Olga Tuchina: Wow the comments are so full of shit. Just because we had national socialism 70 years ago it doesn't mean we want to hear your xenophobia/racism/antisemitism. thank you.

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Eric Persa: Please do one about an Irish Man. xD

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Serious Black: Being portuguese.I can relate :P

Rio Colorado: It's no wonder why German men expect to be approached by rather than approach American women. Germany learned its lesson well via the Marshall Plan.

Sarah S: Love the videos but I would avoid her like the plague.

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Double D: Pretty sure the guy from the UK sounds American? Or am i misunderstanding something? xD tell me :'(

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  1. In which case their best bet is a trans-gender operation, *not posting videos on YouTube.

  2. I'm laughing so hard, I've always been afraid of queefing when doing it with my partner xD

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