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L. Kujweski: Everything can be fixed with food ? Nope , you wish it was that simple.

Marie Emilie: Spanish people are way too loud

Freya Thomas: This type of video only shows that no matter what country everyone just wants what they don't have. It makes me kinda sad because it seems like nobody is happy with the body they have.

Zaurkax14: Israelite womens are very ugly.

Erwin Rommel: Germany is the only country where men look better that women

Anton Bubolz: We need more straight but guys like German men!

Madkass: Wow Filipinos have a lot in common with us Latino/Hispanic especially the leftovers lol

Rhea Ganguly: Contro le porte della notte


Ciao Carlo: Sex tourism. Well thats what it is. Ppl from rich countrys go to more poor countrys to get what they cant get in their own country. I dont really like that, for me, its like exploiding them. But thats maybe just me.

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I hear tell there were several witnesses, she said.

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I didn't ken they were in the "Selma" soundtrack. I conscious they worked doggedly on that at all events -- and it is carry out lots appreciated.

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The from LA to Vegas can be either mulct, or a nightmare depending upon cartage.

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Kl3m Michard: Is she from the north or south

Lydia Phoenix: What are you supposed to comment on that?

John Allogop: The Portuguese was great! I am Portuguese and didn't understand a word

Wallnaut: If you can't handle our family you can't handle us pals.

Kenk Flukk: It's a bit stereotypical but from my experience it's quite accurate. I must also say that at least in Poland women are both traditional and quite independent as I think their family supports them more so usually they are for example property owners and we are not gold diggers just looking for different qualities in men.

Liora O: I love russians:))))))

Helio Pina: Portuguese man has ancient habits. Treat women like maids and believe there are jobs girls can't do. All you need to know, this comes from a Portuguese girl xD

Crazy Greek: Ha.ha.True ! (Though there are a few exceptions)

TheWillog: I die hard for a spanish speaker! They have a special place in my heart.

RaphaГ«l: Portuguese look like Arabs-north africans, very dark and exotic lol

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