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Druidboy76: Portugal 4 ever!

Lucia .R: Must say: brasilian portuguese is really bad represented there!

Angie Rico: This is my favorite one lol

Ksy Od17: Ahhhh soy Colombiana

Roman Mitsek: Uhhh.yeah that guy is toooo touchy.and yeahh. im german woman.and i absolutely hate guys who let me wait.that does mean (for me as a german woman), they dont respect me and they dont care for me. Ok, Im honest, but not in this bad she said to the guy in the end it was pretty nasty.


Ian Elgar: Never date in LA, they are all bunch of liberal shithead

James M: El canelo! lol

Sabrinex Love: When she said: cyka blyat!

Yamilams: What's the german actress's name? ^^

Dakshi Mehra: One gerry pleaseee

Cinthya Mar: One, that app is not NEARLY as popular as foreigners think, we are few but not that few and second, Iceland is NOT a part of Scandinavia.

Getting a visit from the royal family, what to wear? :/

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Valerie May: SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOO TRUE LIKE EVERYTHING like im turkish and fun thing i really do believe im the only turkish girl on this earth thats not really jealous but like every other turkish woman i know FOR HELL SURE is. everything excpescillay the last one is so right

Creativology: Wow, I knew they were possibly cool but not cute too

Frank Lloyd: You Know You are Dating a GERMAN Woman When. SHE TALKS GERMAN!

Tacho_Nacho: Hmm I have a Turkish friend on fb and she is so sweet warm and passionate.

Fredrickson: Greek is beautiful language!

Jaime Rodarte: Please do dating French woman.

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