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Amanda Dedino: Where them greeks at im greek

Alex Bell: That Australian girl was really into it

Yassine Duieb: Dating Ukraine women

Rubikari: Russian language is beautiful, like all of slavic languages, slovenia, serbia, slovakia :)

Daniel Chan: Very nice video :D , in my country Suriname the guys always have to pay woman think we are atm machines xD , but what i know about Netherland is they always split like they pay for what they ordered even its a date.

Sm3xyShane: Mexico does have nice beautiful women who are fun, family oriented and sexually charming. My fictional character Farah Ramirez is of Mexican American heritage.

MusiqQueen6: How about filipino women I have a lot of friends from the Philippines and I don't know how to date one. :/

Mick Fujiyama: French woman! Please!

Sarath Menon: The action in this is so over-the-top, in all the right ways (rofl)! XD

Omegapointil: Plastic, fake, bitchy, very high maintenance.

CAMIRPO: Great #DNAWAR plan!

Colette Mcvey: I hate stereotypes soooo much! WTF? Brazilian women aren't like this!

Historically the music organization has archaic built on accords and intimidation.

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It's chilling that you can disgrace up decayed charts.

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I went over to this guys house… I'm not quite sure what happened here?

Horny Jerker In Sexy Yellow Panties Mhd Vesna: I thought they all looked nice. Especially the muscular guys.

Zack Plante: I'm from Bulgaria and here usually the men is paying on the first date, but the second dates are aways different, becouse we have verry proud womens and some times they insist on spliting the bill.

Aggl Yusr: Apparently they don't like when you stretch your right arm with your palm facing down.

Riku Soikkeli: So, what I gat from this video, is this. Canadian women are ugly and they can't flirt. Canada is f*ck up country.

Rakmici: Polish girl didnt even have Polish accent, and Im super distracted by the fact that both of those guys didn't eat pierogi

Raquel Lopes: Dating italian women

Discotiq: Amazing! Like my Portuguese husband****

NSdude T: It seems that Brazilians guys from SP have more similarities than only the italian last name, then. hahahahahaha specially the mom all the time around

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