Pierre Fitch And Ralph Woods - Pierre Fitch And Ralph Woods

In addition to his porn career, Fitch has been traveling the world for the last year-and-a-half as a deejay and we caught...

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Pierre Fitch Computer world - Gay Dating Chatroom

Pierre Fitch And Ralph Woods AHTOIIIKA: Jews did this to the swedish people !

Vitor M: Respect their family, they will addopt you if you show respect!

Mo Khan: The turkish guy looks like Leo Messi

Ester Mintaka: Oh. they are all british accents then?

Cap America: What's wrong with the Australian girl ?

Jojo Nygren: Spanish is the sexiest

Volstagg: How to date a Russian christian pentecostal woman?

WeirdAF96: I live in Germany. The German one is so on point. This is literally how most Germans 'dance before they start going crazy due to alcohol. First I thought my friends were not having fun. I was surprised when they said, 'that was a lot of fun at the club. Remember, you have to watch carefully the subtle change of rocking angle of his head movement.

Janaina Nery: Greetings from Turkey.

DГЎniel TГіth: They're not brave enough to say something to you. They assume you now lead the way and maybe you'll start liking them. That's how they stay in friend-zone

Jimmy F: There's no doubt Russian women are incredibly beautiful and sexy.

TheChrisildur: Im mexican, and. thats not how i act. fuck stereotypes

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Jamie Hu: Okay please take this comment from a russian woman : this video is the biggest BULLSHIT i ever seen I don't know if it's meant to be funny or whatever, but the fact is, this huge bullshit

Jmgmarcus: I'm Russian and a typical Russian guy likes to drink a lot and have fist fights. They hate foreigners and like to be always in charge of women and think they are superior. And it's the truths. Woman should be home cooking and waiting for her man. while he is drinking beer with his blokes.

Sad Lad: So Freakin Accurate! Only his shirt was perhaps a bit tamely colored. He must be a second-generation from back-a-yard.

MrTimziito: You chose the wrong person to do poland she didn't even have a polish accent. and it's not pierogis. pierogi Is already plural

Dana Alame: French and portugese

Warmestglow: Well that was pretty edgy lmaooo

Yu-Yeong Cha: This advice came a bit too late for me, and the dating a Mexican woman video came late for my ex. The cultures have lots of differences that I was not prepared to deal with. We broke up loving each other but we just couldn't handle it.

Rudolf Nemeth: So in short, Canadian Girl Twitter Feminist. remind me not to go to Canada.

Dan Patrick requested Monday siesta that the vaunted Texas Rangers stint with Houston cops to repay the Hip England Patriots quarterback's missing jersey.

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