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Zorzevic: Who doesn't like an English gentleman?

Lauren Serbel: Russian is most beautiful. I don't understand why people like french so much, I didn't even get that it actually was french here.

FlyZeeRulez: The german guy is the great deal!

Victoria West: He compliments a blindfolded girl's eyes! HAHAHAH

LingoKost: Meu deus que sotaque fofo

Alvina Nyholm: This is such bullshit lol, telling everyone that watches this video that EVERYONE who is dutch does this?

FoolishInk: That Pick up artist is probably a resisted sex offender.

Renz Gonzales: Lmao some of this was spot on. I remember dragging my ex to family events which lasted really late and he would never let me walk on the outside of the road!

Joa Domi: I love being Brazilian!

NataschaO: Please compare English and American accents

Nurok Sega: Well my Russian dad just cheated on my mum after 20 years of marriage. Everything was fine, but he's having a middle age crisis.

Melissa Chan: Once she gets your PIN number, you're hooped!

Maria Kim: No sabe ni leer un frasecita con un poquito de arte y saber estar.vaya tela mi compatriota.

L Blair: I am Estonian and when he started singing I cringed so badly NO OFFENCE PLEASE

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Blair Coe: This is just an Arab guy!

Rungsat1: So has Justin Bieber's sorry became a national anthem yet?

Allison C: Greeks don't fight like heroes

Louise Conor: I'm a french girl and at the first example I was like oh shit that's me lmao

Teo Rex: I would go for the hipster girl. everyone else had a weird face

Ash Aba: Gotta give props to the guy who liked Man's Not Hot

Kathabasis: Music is totally incorrect middle Eastern music.

Jothegreek: Women are like wine as they age.the more they age, the whinnier they get!

Marcio Rattes: All women come late to the dates, come on!

Bart2712: In South Asia always Mens, doesn't matter Date, female friends, family or whatever.

Abid Khan: Dating a Venezuelan girl!

Emna Najar: I recently dated a German woman and I appreciate that she is on time. I find it easier to talk to her about difficult subjects because she is honest and not easily offended.

Loveshell007: Had several german girlfriends and while they are open to most things, they are by far the most passive aggressive motherfuckers under the sun. I mean holy shit sometimes I didnt even know we were fighting. Also they tend to Not talk about feelings, so either it bursts out or they break up with you for not reading their godddamn minds.Too much drama for me. Other than that they are quite ok.

Imkrimbaldur: Great video. I was an American who lived in Russia for 8 years.

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Jirka Maly Blonde Boy

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