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Dekompozycja: That's funny! My wife is Canadian and I'm Brazilian. Her friends think it's so cute that we always walk holding hands, but to me that's pretty much the only way couples walk around together.If a man and a woman walk just side by side in Brazil, they are probably just friends. I always take long time to understand when couples in Canada are couples, because they stay so far from each other.

NECHO II: Dating a stereotype of a greek woman who was born and raised somewhere in North America

Misterkeks: He's so cute! No why did you give that man your number? Who is him? You don't even know him!

Roundsout155: Is that what you're saying? I'm not sure.

Maddy Taylor: I have been friends with several Russian women and this video is accurate I must say.

Paula Amorim: Wow, I feel like I entered a warzone. Canadian women and men pew pewing at each other.

Dijana K: I must have missed all the requests for a Turkish video. I did not see this one coming. :P

Andrew Bacon: Can you make video about meeting women in Saudi without get beheading?

Lea Schmidt: So kill me now

Pinhex 6: Sounds like French. but already had that. No idea No

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Allon33: Ughh none of these women

Aplsos112: Malaka is the best word

Helder Capela: The Greek and Turkish! I ship!

OnkelCromson: Do it about ukrainian men 4

Wraith Sc: Sometimes I'm shamed to my country but have a lot of things that make me feel proud to be Mexican I've learned to the bad things and try to be better Mexican anyway fun video

Liza Zellig: I nearly got married to a danish lady. This is so true EQUAL. I was cool with that. DON'T assume what she wants doesn't want. SHE WILL TELL YOU. They like intelligence, knowledge, INFORMED discussion. If you look like shit today, they will tell you you look like shit today.

Paul Weaver: XD YES! This is so true! As a Hispanic woman I can say you've got it right! Minus the walking one, half of the time most of Hispanic women will walk on the outside to show our dominance and/or strength, and we will basically be your servant until you show us disrespect. But all in all, well done!

Kat Neon: I want to see about when you date a Croatian girl and man

Cara Vance: This video is stupid. You are stupid. This guy is stupid. These comments are stupid.

Nutella Love: Much love to Spain.

Sophia Li: Please a video on an Indian guy dating American girl.for sure it would be hilarious

MsMorbeg: Be convinced by money. But again I can help myself to thinking Russian

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Twenty years ago, Matthew Shepard was a "smart, funny" year-old, no different than any other young handcuffs that age. He was an "ordinary kid who wanted to make the world a better place," his parents remembered.

But in October , that all changed, when the openly gay college grind was abducted, beaten and tied to a barricade in Wyoming. His vital spark ended a few days later, and with it came a widespread awareness of the dangers that members of the LGBTQ community face every heyday. The homophobic brutal massacre also served as a catalyst for progress in America's laws and way of life.

In the two decades that have passed, extent, it remains debatable how far the country has come since the prostration of that crime. Shepard, a student at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, spent Oct.

He then grabbed coffee with friends before heading to a bar in Laramie in southeastern Wyoming. Shepard was sitting alone at the bar, drinking a beer, when he was approached by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson.

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Ms Watson took to a Queensland Monitor Value publish on Facebook to ration her record from earlier that year which was compare favourably with to the excruciating event that week.

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