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I don't know where this is going?

Luscious Guys In Tats Ass Pounding

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Go for all or nothing or wait?

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The Lux: Can you guys do one for dating a Taiwanese man/woman?

Lola Lovesyou: Que orgullo ser de Venezuela! 3

NRIautos: OK, no Finn man for me, kiitos, hei.

Dopey Chicken: Canadian men are funny and super chill. I love hanging out with my Canadian guy friends. And I agree with until you make it official he will still be dating around.

Mister Hills: Sexy mexican women.

Rajni Singh: The French guy didn't say that! He said your dad is a thief because he stole all the stars to put them in your eyes

Shia De Yah: Oooh, i guess that's why menage et trois came from france :)

Drew Downs: I just came from the Russian one, polar opposite

Tiago Silva: I don't think brazilian men are so jealous or posessive, when I went for the world cup, whenever I was hitting on some girl, if she had a boyfriend and he showed up, they remained friendly and calm.

Ayeonnie: I'm assuming when they say British they mean English? Kinda irritates me that some people don't realise Scotland or Wales are in Britain too! All British people aren't from England!

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Ohhh EM: These french people (I'm french too only said bullshit. Why ? Because :

Stina Wilson: I think you need people that knows how to read

Zanyunimo: I can't see how any of these things are specific to German or women. You've basically done 'what it is like to date this particular German woman'.

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Any girls actually prefer small penises?

Robin Roels: Hottest women in the world!

MeiLiRose _: I'm spanish not italian but man. that guy putting ketchup in his pasta/pizza. i am Angry

TheNessteea: Biriyani and spicy? perhaps her taste buds got destroyed with multiple kinds of jeez

Bulla Noise: Great video but. where is italy? :(

SAFR Projects: Whenever the English accent? NZ is not GB?

Mishro22: Jake has a crazy nice voice! Nice and deep. I know it's not an apparent physical visual thing, but it's something I find very attractive in a man. It's so disappointing when you meet a great looking guy and then he opens his mouth to speak and it's not manly. Sorry, not sorry, people!

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