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I, for one, understand this completely. I like giving them mostly because I like penis. Let me sweat in really unattractive...

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Getting Dick Sucked Matt Ohai: L thought I was going to dislike this video, but it turned out pretty accurate. Of course there are a lot of women who arent like that, but in general is right. For example, I'm not a jealous girlfriend but 90 of my friends make a huge deal if their boyfriend like another woman's picture.

SwissLotus: So. like most normal women.

Joshdavid Bar: Was this meant to be a stab at liberals?

First Name S: Russian man Brasilian man Mexican man!

Khalifa Dg: When she have a russian accent

Mhey Ceniza: Wow, i am french and i totally didnt recognise my language ahah

Diana Vagner: Yes, lastly, Russian has zero tolerance to those extreme feminists here. The motherland does not need feminists here

Tereza Howard: So Canadian women are the worst in the world an d Russian women are the best in the world.

Create Nature: And yet she was speaking in my native language.

Bredbrain: Very accurate! But not even a German guy is blunt enough to tell a girl he's trying to date that he thought of her as only good enough for sex. Instead, he'll probably tell you that he thought you were a dumb airhead/superficial barbie/drama queen prior to getting to know you (and believe he's giving you a thoughtful compliment xD Not much better but very very common.

Satya Shukla: You guys need to make the Dominican men and woman version

Adalys Torres: Cool one, well done!

Fugu Pinkeye: European moms are a strong pain in the arse! Especially the fucking balkan moms!

Sasha Ella: I was REALLY waiting for the one with the Spanish!

Anonimek: Great video! Do other countries as well ;)

Erica Yeah: I've never seen an Italian drink white wine.we go red all the way.

Midoly B: Dislike for this woman talking about Borat -

PleaseClap: DON'T LIKE IT ,

Stay Positive: Loving dancing is for all latinos

Luke Dylan: She must be part Filipino. She was late. We call that Filipino time.

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I liked the article about getting fucked in the ass better 'cause I found it more deep pun intended , but this one is good too! Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Then how does one, in fact, give a proper bj? Some take 5 minutes to cum bummer and some take 30 exhausting bummer. If your man is taking too long to cum, try to avoid all the things that you think would upset you and DON'T do them like looking disappointed, frustrated, or texting your friend with your free hand.

And my man says his favorite part is the tight grip I get around his D while making zig zag patterns on the shaft with my tongue. In fact, I would kill to know what it feels like to get eaten out. Madison singles



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  1. I wish I had that much money! Condoms are expensive, girl, so set up a sex savings ;)

  2. You would think Sex and the City would have changed the cultural mindset of slut-shaming. They were respectable, sexual active women.В

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