Giving It To Him - How To: Give It To Him Like You Mean It

They really are not that confusing but will only commit to a woman who is not out to control him with...

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Giving It To Him Sarah Gray: Dating a Scandinavian woman sounds like a gay dude trying to convince a straight dude to be in a relationship with him.

Jessi Lane: The Polish chick knows nothing about Poland and can't speak the language for shit. Funny!

Denis BeЕ€o: I find it kinda odd there was not one interview conducted on anyone of African origin. I think that would give a more rounded result in whatever it is you are trying to find out.

Anjili Veach: She looks like Sophia Copola

Effie Des: Thats not a real french chick she speaks english to well

Johana Rosero: Nothing wrong with men being men and women being women; it doesn't imply inequality, let's just put some our political correctness aside and enjoy one another. As long as there is respect, all is well.

CaptainCoffee: Lol, the encounter in the elevator early on was a warning sign he's a jerk. Not saying Russian guys are this way, I know this is comedy, but yeah.that's a turn off.

Pink Bunny: I am from Pakistan and I love Turkey .

Mr. Smith: The woman at the end from France had the sexiest accent. It was hot, got me all hot and sweaty.

Sam Yoo: But still at the end we has to split the bill

Lynda Dee: I'm literally crying from laughing too hard.

FLy14yr: Wao, is the same for man, they go over to Cuba because the woman's out there care about them, same as the man for woman. point here any one the wants something different than what it has, better offer that he or she really spectrum. For every action is an iqual reaction, give love, attention, complements, sense of security and all you want in the same measure the you want to receive.

Lillefoden: I dated a German girl, My only regret was not asking her to create an anti gravitational device for my Bicycle, They can do things like that.

Catallaxy: I liked the Estonian one best here :D

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Am I being blown off?


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So, be clear on what you do and don't want for yourself and tell him directly. Men are attracted to what they cannot control or predict. It keeps you sexy and this keeps him challenged and wanting to work to keep you in his life.

However they also respect a woman who has clear boundaries and says in simple and clear communication what is not ok with her.

Stand your ground in a calm and serious way by being who you are from your truth. It is a turn off to them when women whine, pressure or complain. Do Not Accept Substandard Treatment:

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  1. It sad that most of the people who don't care in the comments are women. Do you not realize what's happening to you?

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